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The Journey of The Oracle Meme

ORACLE MEME aims to become a leading meme coin by leveraging the power of community, creativity, and blockchain technology. With a focus on generating and sharing meme content, ORACLE MEME (OMEME) introduces innovative tools and platforms to revolutionize how memes are created, distributed, and monetized. 

The project is built on a foundation of transparency, user engagement, and technological advancement, offering a unique opportunity for users and cryptocurrency investors alike.

Introducing ORACLE MEME (OMEME), the next-gen meme coin poised to lead the cryptocurrency market. We harness the trifecta of community, creativity, and blockchain technology to redefine the meme landscape. Our mission? To revolutionize meme creation, distribution, and monetization.

At the core of ORACLE MEME is a commitment to transparency, user engagement, and technological innovation.
Through cutting-edge tools and platforms, we empower users to unleash their creativity like never before. Whether you’re a meme enthusiast or a savvy investor, ORACLE MEME offers an unparalleled opportunity to be part of something truly groundbreaking. Join us as we pave the way for a new era of meme culture and cryptocurrency excellence.

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What we'll do

Explore a new sensational and exclusive meme ecosystem concept and features soon

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Meme AI Generator

A cutting-edge tool for creating memes, featuring AI-powered suggestions, customization options, and seamless sharing capabilities.

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Meme Coin Generator

A platform for users to create their own cryptocurrency, create a meme coin with a few clicks.

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Layer 2 Network

 ORACLE CHAIN a scalable, efficient layer 2 solution to ensure fast, low-cost transactions for all the MEME community.

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Launchpad for Meme Coins

A dedicated space for launching new meme coins and projects, offering early access to ORACLE MEME holders.

Meme Wallet

A personalized Meme Wallet
available for browser extension and mobile app, focused in security and to be funny.

More to Come

And much more being prepared for our meme community...









50,000,000,000 OMEME

Stake $OMEME to earn $OMEME! 

Stake rewards of 107% annual return (APY).

When you buy $OMEME you can immediately put it to work.

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The ORACLE MEME COIN aims to become a leading meme currency by leveraging the power of community, creativity and blockchain technology. Focusing on generating and sharing meme content, ORACLE MEME (OMEME) introduces innovative tools and platforms to revolutionize the way memes are created, distributed and monetized.

You can participate in the presale on Ethereum, Polygon or BNB Chain. All you need to do is connect your wallet to the presale widget and send ETH, BNB, MATIC or USDT to reserve $OMEME tokens.
The pre-sale starts May 27, 2024.

“ORACLE MEME have a purpose, to create a MEME COMMUNITY”.

To establish ORACLE MEME as the ultimate destination for meme enthusiasts, creators and investors, we will offer innovative platforms that connect and empower the global meme community.
• Meme AI Generator
• Meme Coin Generator
• Layer 2 Meme Network
• Meme Wallet
• Meme Launchpad
OMEME is the core of all transactions within the ecosystem. It encourages creators, rewards, and community involvement. It is designed for microtransactions, tipping, and purchasing unique meme assets.

Your token balance can be viewed in the staking menu or on the buy widget on the pre-sale homepage.
A claim button will be available before the first CEX listing.
Claim and listing dates will be announced on our website and social media accounts.

Stake $OMEME to earn $OMEME!
Stake rewards of 107% annual return (APY).
When you buy $OMEME you can immediately put it to work.

We are here to help! Join our Telegram channel to get immediate support from an ORACLE MEME moderator. 

You can also send an email to [email protected] and wait for a response.
For partnership access partner.oraclememe.com


The information provided on this website refers exclusively to ORACLE MEME, an exclusive project for a new ecosystem for meme coins. This website does not constitute any form of financial advice or endorsement. As with any investment, there are inherent risks and individuals may lose their investment, ORACLE MEME is not responsible for losses, each investor must carry out thorough research before participating.

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